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SFB’s applications maintenance and support service, allows to technologically update the applications as well as increase their functionalities. Prolonging the life of the applications in use implementing the new business needs and optimizing the investments undertaken in SFB’s technology.

It is an immediate response service capable of identify and solve incidents in any of the elements that intervene in the business day-to-day activity. The service takes care of the system’s health completing a preventive task to minimize the importance of the incidents.

SFB’s support and maintenance services include Preventive, Proactive and Corrective Maintenance and Support Application. SFB undertakes an investigation and development task on its application addressed to:

  • Detecting potential errors before it happens.
  • New developments to improve their functionality.
  • Optimize the procedures increasing its efficiency and speed.
  • Incorporated any new advances in IT that can help to improve its applications.
  • Amendments that affect the application environment such as technological or regulatory changes in the sector.
  • Small customize developments that adapt the tool to the client’s needs.
  • Personalized support Service that will help the client to resolve any doubt or incident. This service is provided by experts with a wide knowledge of SFB’s tools.
  • Full collaboration with the clients IT team; SFB’s IT team offers its collaboration to take care of the client’s systems health, carrying out preventive task to minimize the incidents in hardware, software, communications, and so on.