The meeting was held on April 14th at CAD IT Group headquarters bringing together a broad representation of the Italian banking sector. The purpose of the meeting was to share the actions and solutions that the group has developed to address the new regulatory and business challenges.

The workshop began with the welcome speech of CAD IT CEO, Paolo Dal Cortivo. In his speech he explained the developments and the group’s evolution in the past year, annual results and new projects and challenges. Among others he highlighted the acquisition of 30 % of Software Financiero Bolsa, a Spanish consultancy and software development firm leader in its sector, being the added value for the group the expansion in the Spanish market through one the main companies in the market.

Paolo shared with the audience his desire to strengthen CAD IT’s presence in the European software market reiterating his conviction that the aforementioned expansion in the Spanish market was going to open a range of new business opportunities for the group, being able to offer a greater innovative solutions portfolio and thereby to expand its customer base.

Then, SFB CEO, Luis Poblador was invited to address a few words to the audience:

After this introduction, the meetings of the day focused on various presentations to provide answers to the new market challenges in the areas of regulatory compliance -both local and European level- and of technological innovation.


European regulations:

  • MiFID 2
  • Market abuse
  • IFRS 9
  • Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Collateral Services


Italian regulations:

  • Puma 2


Technological innovation:

  • CAD IT Solutions:  DWH Finanza & Data Quality, Orders HUB, Solutions for financial Advisors and Anagrafe Generale
  • The new digital banking framework