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MiFID II is the prelude to achieve a more secure, responsible and transparent financial system. SFB has the knowledge, experience and technology to help you meet the new  MiFID II.

The entry into force, on the 3rd of January of MiFID II Directive 2014/65/ EU on markets for financial instruments together with Regulation 600/2014, MiFIR, will be a major change for all financial institutions that currently provide investment services, whether they are Credit Institutions or Investment Firms. This new regulation derogates the 2004 MiFID I Directive, and includes a new Directive (MiFID II), a Level I Regulation (MiFIR), as well as more than 30 Delegated Regluations (Level II), and a set of ESMA Guidelines & Recommendations.

The fulfillment of the new obligations requires the implementation of new policies and procedures to allow the Financial Institutions affected the definition of their new business model in line with the new reality.

The cost of the change is high, not only from an economic point of view, but also in terms of organizational changes. Software Financiero Bolsa with its global solucion can help you tackle this great challenge converting us in the best partner to help you make a less traumatic and more efficient transition for the future sustainablility of your business.