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The rapid transition from a protected environment to the liberalization and free competition are rapidly transforming activities from the companies that make up this sector. We find a singular change in the competitive environment that requires a profound rethinking of strategies, operational and technological ways. If in this context we add the specific regulations, and the continuous changes of the requirements in order to achieve excellence within the new market environment, we are one of the most complex industries in the global economy.

Our mission is collaborate with our solutions to the normal development of their activity. SFB provides services to all types of entities that are part of this industry - commercial banks, private banking, securities firms, Investment banks and clearing and custodian banks.

Our values

We are leaders in the industry

This position requires a high level of excellence. We are dedicated to the culture of service, the people that belong to SFB highlights their service vocation. We know the problems that our customers have to deal with on a daily basis, and we are sensitive to how important immediate attention is.

We learn with our clients

Our market presence offers a unique privileged position; from here we can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the market, which in turn we apply in our products and services. 

Our close relationship with the markets, settlement systems and regulatory organisms, ensure the continuity of our products and their adaptation to the technical and functional changes such as legal obligations."

What’s unique about us?