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Our technological partners are companies' leaders in O.S, development and integration tools, hardware platforms, etc. SFB must be predictable and reliable for its clients, for this reason we pinpoint the best worldwide companies as technological and software base providers.

Trough collaboration agreements with our technological partners, SFB constantly updates its applications becoming a part in the evolution of the technological infrastructures such as the software base used in our project developments.



SFB works in close collaboration with Microsoft in the lifecycle of our technology. We collaborate in the design and development of our applications based on Microsoft’s technology, and in the infrastructure design. We create reliable environments, secure and easy to maintain.

SFB has at its disposal a premium maintenance support service that Microsoft provides for its partners, guaranteeing a rapid and reliable intervention in case of an incident.



SFB, as a DELL partner, obtains a close collaboration in the training and technological innovation areas.

All the benefits that we obtain revert on our clients. The combination between their technical expertise and ours, allow us to offer products and solutions with the best features and capacities.



Given today’s challenging economic environment, trade participants have never been under greater pressure to lower cost and increase operational efficiency.

In response to this demand, SFB, as specialist in middle and backoffice solutions for financial firms, has set up a joint venture with Omgeo, worldwide settlement field standard, with the objective of offering a complete integration between the systems developed by SFB and Omgeo’s systems. 

This integrated solution offers our clients a centralized messaging service through CTM platform, allowing an efficient operation’ s Confirmations and settlement Instructions automated, minimizing counterparty risks and facilitating incident’s management.

With this alliance, SFB provide its clients with a strong solution that will help them reach great opportunities to increase their business.  


BME Group

Since its beginnings, SFB, maintains a close collaboration with the BME Group. The aim of this collaboration is to cover the needs of a sector constantly evolving facing all the technological challenges and satisfy our client’s demands.

SFB has collaborated with BME in the testing and homologations of the new functional scopes that had been implemented in the market as a consequence of the technological and legal evolution. The aim is to facilitate the tasks that our clients have to address in this direction, helping them continue with their daily activities as normal.


Order Management Systems

SFB's solutions have implemented, homologated and integrated different interfaces with the main order management routings to allow the order reception from different prime brokers that belong to those platforms. These interfaces facilitates the register of this information in the systems of our clients.