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All organizations face the possibility of disruptive events that have impacts ranging from mere inconvenience and short-lived disruption of normal operations to the very destruction of the organization. Organizational functions supporting business disruption prevention, preparedness, response and recovery such as risk management, contingency planning, crisis management, emergency response, and business resumption and recovery are thus established and resourced based upon the organization’s perception of its relevant environments and the risks within those environments.

 SFB, from its experience in the business continuity area, will conduct a study of the necessary requirements to meet the business recovery objectives in the SFB contingency location with the aim of finding solutions that are technically and economically adjusted to your needs.

The ultimate objectives of this study are:

  • Convert the requirements of availability, continuity and recovery, into a viable implementation strategy.
  • Define specific options for each business process according to the scenario.
  • Define strategies to allow accomplishment of the time recovery objective (recovery-time objectives; RTO) and data loss (recovery-point objectives ; RPO).
  • Proposed possible alternatives for the client’s solution, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.