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Our expertise regarding project planning and Consultancy arises from the work undertaken by us in financial entities of diverse character, ranging from solving relatively straightforward issues in small local businesses to coming up with Solutions for far more complex issues in organizations on an international scale. It is absolutely essential to make the right choice and correctly assess the IT systems and tools which provide the technical support for the organization in question, in order to enhance performance and to improve the work environment, maximizing profits with the correct and best possible investment in technology.

We assist the client and recommend the best options available to be implemented with a view to reaching a perfect balance between the organization’s objectives and the capabilities of its IT systems.

Our consultants understand the needs of each and every business as well as the procedures of the day-to-day activity. Subsequently, in line with our philosophy of offering a fully comprehensive service, our specialized work-teams are able to undertake the planning, development and implementation of the required IT equipment.

Consultancy Services:

1. Preliminary analysis

  • To identify the work environment, resources and day-to-day activity.
  • To gather relevant data for System development.
  • To detect what and where the problems are.

2. System analysis

  • Application of tools and techniques to determine requirements.
  • Analysis of structural decisions.
  • Current system’s situation.

3. Design of recommend system

  • Establishment of the files or database systems to be used.
  • Design of control and Backup procedures.
  • Other related issues.

4. Software development

  • Coding and debugging systems.
  • Database management.
  • Result’s validation.

5. System’s documentation

  • Document of research undertaken.
  • Project timeline.
  • Work plan.