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Our services help to increase efficiency, reduce risks and control the project’s budget, helping to obtain the most of your investment in SFB’s technology.

Our offer is designed to cover all our client’s needs, transforming, maintaining and improving their business. Our vision oriented to the client and to become a benchmark in technology help us to be the strategic partner that our clients need.


Our services include:

  • Project consultancy.
  • Implementation and customize development.
  • Application’s maintenance and support.
  • Business Continuity Plan.
Our services cover:

  • A project development methodology, with a test deliverable management model and development quality control.
  • Team forces with great capacity and used to working in global projects.
  • Our close relationship with the client allow us to emphasize and quickly understand the requirements and aims that they have, helping to achieve these goals. Our professional team has been present in the sector for over 20 years following the great evolution of the Spanish stock exchange which has help them to acquire a profound knowledge of the tasks that financial firms, our clients, are developing.