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SFB, Software Financiero Bolsa, is a consultancy and software development firm which expertise is to asses and implant software solutions for financial firms.

From the deep knowledge of the tasks that investment firms do, with our systems we help “address efficiently” their business development projects. Tackle projects efficiently is making them become a reality.
Understand and obtain a functional definition of your requirements, develop and integrate software modules, implement the Solution, assist in the training and operational and organizational changes… Definitively: We collaborate in the full project lifecycle.

Our team is able to offer solutions committed to the implementation and launch of the projects. The ability to comprehensively address the requirements of a project is what marks the difference. We are able to address all phases that lead to success, from initial strategic understanding to an effective implementation, through all the functional, organizational, and operational stages. 


The best team” to provide “the best service” and get “the best results”