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“Things do not change; We change”
Henry David Thoreau

“In ever-demanding market the challenge face by SFB is being able to inspire our clients, workers, stakeholders and providers to get involve in a common project that will allow us to provide the best of our knowledge and capabilities. We know that committed people are the key to maintain the balance between all the people interested in SFB’s fate.

Since its beginnings, SFB has counted with an exceptional and responsible human team, which has become our most valuable asset. In it lies the company strength. And this, defines in a simple way what makes the difference in our company, the capacity of inspire the people whom are part of SFB, in order to continue working and been committed to the company and its objectives.”

Luis Poblador

Financial Management

Ana Arriero, Lázaro Gómez, Ángeles Ruiz.


Amparo Ramos, David Poblador, Noemí Domenech, Julián Bravo, Tomás Gil.


Javier Muñoz, José Antonio Herranz, Carlos Saiz, Manuel Hernández, Noelia del Rio, Santiago Iricibar, Pedro Garcia -Heras.

Middle Office

Nuria Martínez, Ángel Martin, Óscar Hernández, Pablo Yrigoyen, Francisco Luque, Carlos Corral, Pedro Palomar, Gema Alcaide.

Back Office

Rosa Cope, Diego Mate, Alberto Sánchez, Javier Martínez, Yolanda Cid, Luis Rodríguez, Iván Hurtado.

Back Office

Laura Gómez, Luis Sánchez, Enrique Rodriguez, Patricia Sánchez, Álvaro Cordón, Teresa Ayuso, Ricardo Navarro.


Fernando Lázaro, Julián Bravo, Pablo Gómez.