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Our products cover the needs of investment firms in the trading area. SFB offer is based on trading terminals –ÍCARO- and Smart Order Routings – ARGOS.



ARGOS is a Smart order routing that can integrate multiple command input channels on one hand, and multiple markets and trading platforms on the other. On the side of the input channels, it allows an easy and flexible connection to other systems for receiving orders and their subsequent management.  On the side of the markets and platforms which we have access to, it has interfaces with markets equities, bonds, warrants, ETFs and derivatives with global networks of pipeline operations and global brokers. It allows accurate control of flows through a filter monitor, and it is integrated with SFB’s risk management modules, to provide security for the operational system.

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ÍCARO is a professional trading terminal, multi product and multi market with integrated risk control functionality designed for use by investment firms and fully integrated with investment firms back offices.

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Our front office solutions have been enriched in scope by the systematic contribution of our customer’s knowledge, becoming applications in ongoing development, with great integration capacity with other systems, and on the cutting edge for infrastructures developed in the sector.