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The Reform means a great impact on the daily processes and procedures of settling entities that will need to adapt to the new situation especially due to:

  • Introduction of a Central Counterparty (CCP).
  • Disappearance of the RR.
  • The concept of assured delivery changes from the assure on trading to assure on settlement.
  • Financial operations (three dates).
  • New operations management.
  • New messaging, PTI.
SFB has been following very closely the Reform of the Registry, Clearing and settlement System development that will come into effect by the first semester of 2015 to conclude in 2017 with Spain joining TARGET 2 Securities.

Our systems (Hydra and Argos) offer solution to most of the business areas or functionalities than a settling entity must perform:

  • Operation’s management for settlement.
  • Corporate action’s management.
  • Management of the different types of accounts.
  • Reconciliation with the Custodians.
  • Administration, accountancy, register and control.
  • Commission’s management.
  • Securities’ custody.
  • Clients’ Reporting.
  • Legal Obligations.
  • Treasury module: collections and payments management.
  • Relations with issuers.
  • Settling entity new functionality (Reform of the Registry, Clearing and Settlement System).
  • Settling entity new functionality in Target 2 Securities.
  • Processes automation and internal data auditing. Traceable.
SFB design solution cover the needs that a trading, Clearing Member or settling entity have, being perfectly integrated with the rest of SFB’s Solutions or the clients systems if necessary.

Our organization has a great expertise implementing solutions in settling entities and we are fully aware of the problems they face. We collaborate with our client to help them cover their needs and allow them to develop their business efficiently.

We know your business, our systems are flexible and close to be able to offer a full solution for a settling entity.