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Maintaining a leadership position in the consultancy and development software sector, requires the study and comprehension of the regulatory changes that sometimes need a strategic, operative or technological rethinking.

Understand and obtain a functional definition of your requirements, develop and integrate software modules, implement the solution, assist in the training and operational and organizational changes… 

In a nutshell: We collaborate in the full project cycle. “Undertaking projects efficiently makes them become a reality”.


Currently, our systems cover all the financial lifecycle, from the capture and routing of operations to different Markets, to the post trade and settlement tasks with markets or clients and finally with the back office and portfolio management, accountancy and legal obligations with the different Regulators.

Each one of our clients have a customized solution, our ability is that all our solutions are based on two main cores: ARGOS – ICARO, in the access to the market area, and HYDRA in the post-trade, management and control area. This architecture allows considerable synergies in the developments and in the maintenance and support.

Our Solutions provide services to more than 40 % of the Stock Exchange members, who daily generate over 50 % of the settlement Instructions sent to Iberclear.

Our expertise, our market presence and our customer service vocation, allow us to be a company that can be trusted to undertake the current market challenges such as the adhesion of Spain to the Target 2 Securities (Reform’s second phase), MiFID II and Basilea III.