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Reform of the Registry, Clearing and Settlement System

CNMV has taken a new step to update and standardized the Spanish post trading system.

With the Reform, the Spanish Registry, Clearing and Settlement System will fall in line with the rest of European Systems, which will improve competitiveness and will lead to Spain joining in September 2017 the pan European TARGET2 Securities (T2S).

SFB as a consultancy and software development firm is firmly committed to the financial sector, specifically in relation to post trading tasks.

The reform obliges the trading members to take important decisions concerning the role they would like to perform vis-á-vis CCP as well as Iberclear. Due to the current business situation this decision is not easy to take.

You can download a document where the modifications that will occur due to the new Reform are set down in detailed. 

SFB’s ready to collaborate as a consultant to help you take the correct decision as well as with the design and implementation of the IT solution.

Due to our presence in the sector, it is our responsibility to pave the way independently of your strategic decision vis-á-vis Reform

Currently more than 50% of the daily settlement instruction’s volume sent to Iberclear are generated from trading members that used our systems.